Sonia and Mark Whitesnow

The Russian art-duo and romantic couple, who have worked together since 2009, live in the south of the country near the Caucus Mountains in a self-made hut on Psheha’s riverbank.

About Mark before meeting Sonia:

Mark was born into a family of military workers in a town named Kirov. During his childhood, Mark became interested in the pictorial art of the Northern Renaissance. His grandfather, was passionate about ufology, which greatly influenced him. Whereas Mark’s grandmother, who was very fond of history and architecture, often took Mark to see the Hermitage. Unfortunately, Mark was a very sickly child. He would, at times, fall down fainting, with hallucinations that would proceed after the fall. But, he was able to pursue his passion, nonetheless, and started practicing photography art during his youth. He began working in a planetarium as a photo-video technician, while at the same time graduating from university with a degree in biology.

About Sonia before meeting Mark:

Sonia was born in Murashi city, where the main business of the town is the recycling of coniferous forest. She spent a big portion of her life with her parents, who were alcoholics. Before 7 years old she found herself barefoot, without shoes and with almost no clothing. Sonia’s lived in Donbas, Lugansk and Ivanovo-Frankovsk (cities in Ukraine) and became independent and free from societal influence at an early age. Sonia has many passions, including spending her time in the forest and in nature. She loved both skiing and sport orienteering growing up, and in her early adulthood, received multiple gold medals in these sports.One thing that has really impacted Sonia’s worldview, however, is that she has had 11 deaths in her family. She is fond of literature and graphic art and studied “fine art for preschool children”, while also graduating with a degree in practice psychology. During her free time, Sonia has also done photographing and has organized big events.


It was a new chapter of life for both of them. In 2009, Sonia and Mark had created first cooperative artworks. In 2010, Sonia’s mother died, which brought about the formation of her artistic path (the creation of “Regina’s hairs” series, which established the tone of future artworks).In 2011, came the death of Mark’s grandfather Nickolas (“Burnt by the Sun” series was created in honor of him). In that same year international art institutions saw the authors.In 2014, Mark and Sonia left society interaction to go to the West Caucus’, where they began a secluded life, working in their studio on the riverbank. The couple bases their artwork on their own personal life experiences. Their clean and straightforward artwork urges spectators to be alone with themselves, put away societal behavior patterns and become a “magnificent man”. We may admire this state of soul without culture stamps.


2015 "The Yellow Ones are Mine", Intelligentsia gallery, Beijing
2014 “HAPPY!“, RTR GALLERY, Paris
2013 Moscow Photographic Salon, Moscow
2013 Gridchinhall, Moscow
2012 Startart, Perm
2011 International Portfolio Revew, Moscow
2011 15th International Art Fair ART MOSCOW, Moscow 

Selected publications:

2015 Kommersant, Russia, Moscow
2014 PDN magazine, USA, New York
2013 J People, Berlin2013 A Nous Paris, France, Paris
2013 Darisienne Touch, France2013 Actuart by Eric Simon, France, Paris
2013 The Calvert Journal, UK, London
2013 The artist and the others project, Netherlands, Maastricht
2012 Fotomasterskaya, cover, Russia, Moscow
2012 Interview magazine no 2, Russia, Moscow
2012 Martini almanac, Russia, Moscow
2012 MENU Magazine, cover , Russia, Moscow
2012 FotoFond, RIA News, Moscow
2011 THE PHOTO/ARTVAS magazine, cover, Korea, Seoul
2011 Philosophie magazine no 54, France, Paris
2011 Russian Reporter no 38, Russia, Moscow 

Awards :

2011 International Photography Awards Professional, Honorable Mention
2010 Hasselblad Masters, Semifinalist

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